Why is Being Stronger Better?

Strength Camp

Investing in a stronger body is something everyone should do. Why is physical strength so important? There are many reasons why a stronger body will help you to achieve your goals. Also, strength isn’t necessarily measured by how much weight you can lift. It has more to deal with how strong were you before, how […]

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Work Out to Wipe Out Domestic Violence Fundraiser Success!

Fit Code Workout to Wipe Out Domestic Violence 2017

A huge thanks to all the members of the Fit Code family who helped us raise $2,051 to combat domestic violence in our community! Our March Workout for a Cause was a collaboration with other local fitness businesses called Work Out to Wipe Out Domestic Violence. All proceeds benefited A New Direction Beverly and the […]

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Sculpt your abs with Shelton’s core workout of 18 Valslide exercises

18 Exercises from Coach Shelton for a great core workout

One of the great things about FitCode workouts is that you don’t need expensive equipment to get the job done. Case in point: these core-strengthening exercises that feature Valslides. You’ve seen Valslides at FitCode–those slippery discs that allow you to slide or flow through an exercise. They activate a range of muscle groups, including your core. Valslides […]

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6 Week Challenge Success Stories!

Scroll down a bit to check out our success stories below! If you want to be a part of the next challenge check out our availability below.  We will have our last orientation Tuesday, 4/12/16 at 6:30 pm.  This information orientation will be for ALL locations.  So no matter what location you want to train […]

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Hacking your bad habits

Habits are a powerful thing that make life easier, as they automate things in our lives so that we have to use less brain power on a day to day, minute to minute and second to second basis. They of course can make things more difficult as they can put us in a loop of […]

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Why Resolutions typically suck

Every year at this time over 150 million people will go about starting the year anew. Setting out on a path to make this year the best year ever, but making new resolutions. The unfortunate thing is that only 8 percent of us are actually successful at achieving them. Make them big: I love big […]

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