A Holistic Training Program Developed Through Community, Compassion, and Continuous Improvement

Big box gyms are all the same when it comes to training. Sure, you can receive nutrition coaching and boot camp training, but you aren’t going to receive the individualized attention and community feel that can push you to reach your fitness goals.

But at Fit Code, you do.

Since 2009, we’ve been working with women and men alike to provide a boot camp program premised on community, adaptability, and empowerment. As a result, hundreds of clients have been able to reclaim their bodies and take control over their health, their future, and their confidence once again.

And, by joining us, so can you.

Igniting Positive Change and Growth Through Inspiration and Support

At Fit Code, our core values reflect our commitment to deliver personal and professional growth to every client on an individualized basis. To our trainers, you’re never seen as just another client. Instead, you’re a valued member of our supportive and energetic community.

We believe in adapting to the needs of you, our clients. As a result, our compassion and altruistic services are constantly improving and changing to accommodate your needs as you push forward toward your goals.

Improvement is a continuous endeavor. And at Fit Code, you can always push forward to realize your true potential.

A Chicago Fitness Program That Meets You Where You’re At

All too often, boot camps push you beyond your limits. But at Fit Code, we’re all about meeting you where you’re at, regardless of what level that might be.

Our fun, yet challenging workouts are adaptable to meet all of your needs. This means that you can get in a quick workout to meet your demanding schedule or even modify moves to work within your physical bounds.

A Holistic Approach Designed to Maximize Results

Fitness is only part of successful weight loss, healthy living, feeling energetic and improvement. That’s why at Fit Code, we don’t just offer fitness training programs but nutrition guidance and mindset coaching to optimize your entire self.

This means that our programs can encompass each workout, each meal, and each thought. This will help you be directed toward your goal and helping push you in ways you never thought possible.

Take Back Control Over Your Body, Your Nutrition, and Your Thoughts at Fit Code

With locations in Chicago, Mokena, and Midway, Fit Code is available wherever you are.

Join today by contacting us and get the body you want through a community of professionals and individuals just as committed to your goals as you are.