Hacking your bad habits

Habits are a powerful thing that make life easier, as they automate things in our lives so that we have to use less brain power on a day to day, minute to minute and second to second basis. They of course can make things more difficult as they can put us in a loop of […]

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Why Resolutions typically suck

Every year at this time over 150 million people will go about starting the year anew. Setting out on a path to make this year the best year ever, but making new resolutions. The unfortunate thing is that only 8 percent of us are actually successful at achieving them. Make them big: I love big […]

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The Best laid plans

Let’s chat real quick about the best laid plans…. Ever have one of those days where you expected things to go one way and they just…didn’t? Whether it was timing or expectations, the day turned out to be something you didn’t expect and didn’t enjoy either.  It happens all of the time. To all of […]

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