Tinley Park Medical Facility Group Fitness Training

Fit Code is pleased to announce a great partnership with the Chicago Center for Sports Medicine at our Tinley Park facility.We are now contracted with the Chicago Center for Sports Medicine in Tinley which provides great benefits for the clients that train with us through their program.Benefits:

  • Doctor prescribed fitness program to accelerate results
  • Program more tailored to fit your individual fitness needs
  • Potential to have a reduction in health insurance costs
  • Great workouts in a group format with the Fit Code team


Click here to register for an orientation with the Chicago Sports Ortho team and Fit Code, LLC



Times and location:



5:45 am & 6:00 pm & 7:00pm  M, W

10am Tu, Th
9 & 10 am Sat


*Inside the medical clinic in Chicago Center for Sports Medicine, room 200

18660 Graphics Dr
Tinley Park, Il

FAQ:1.  How do I get started if I purchased a Groupon or want to start on a two week Fast Start program?
You just have to contact us at 708-824-8415 or admin@fitcodebootcamp.com and schedule an orientation with Dr. Primus at Sports Ortho and Fit Code.2.  What are the benefits of having a Dr. prescribe fitness to me?
It will provide you with the best care and supervision that you3.  Why is your company contracted to Chicago Center for Sports Medicine at the Tinley park locaion?
Being contracted to the Chicago Center for Sports Medicine allows for the highest in training combined with great medical care.

4.  What will I be prescribed?
You will be prescribed a fitness or nutrition program based on your fitness goals and needs.

5. Will I be able to claim it on my insurance?
That depends on your insurance carrier.

6.  Can you tell me more about Dr. Gregory Primus?
Check out this link below to learn all about Dr. Primus

7.  Will you still provide the same great workouts?
Yes, but now they will be more tailored to your specific conditions, based on the recommendations of Dr. Primus and his staff.

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