At Fit Code, we offer a variety of customizable programs to help clients achieve their health goals. We integrate our services, offering a complete package of exercise classes, nutrition counseling, coaching, and team building. Our clients know that they are supported every step of the way on their journey to a healthier, happier life. 


Reshape your body from head to toe with this high-intensity, effective, and fun workout. Featuring adaptable circuit workouts and non-traditional fitness equipment. 

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Strength Camp

Build muscle and burn fat via powerlifting, kettlebells, and other exercises that will push you to new limits. Strength Camp includes nutritional coaching, meal planning, and recipe modification.

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Nutrition Coaching

Exercise alone won’t help you lose weight. In fact, the biggest challenge in getting healthy is improving your diet. At Fit Code, we get that, so we plan nutrition coaching into all of our programs.

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Fitness Challenges

Our 15-Pound and Lean Jeans challenges are hugely successful programs for quick and effective weight loss. We’ll give you all the tools you need to drop two sizes in as little as six weeks.

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