Are you interested in transforming lives and bodies? Are you enthusiastic and hardworking?Fit Code is looking for new staff members for our growing team.Would you be a good fit?

At Our Core

Fit Code operates with these six values:

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Fit Code offers an entertaining and supportive environment. We believe in having a good time, even when we’re working hard.


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Every day, we challenge ourselves to be a little better, personally and professionally.


Pay it forward

Our hearts and minds are open to helping others. We are involved in our community and are always looking for ways to give back.


Practice compassion and professionalism

Our staff is professional and caring in addressing the needs of our Fit Code family.


Check your ego at the door

Highlight the successes of those around you.


Go above and beyond

Deliver more than what is expected through your connection and commitment to the clients and the team.

Fit Code Culture


To empower personal transformations!


To be the catalyst of personal transformations in the fitness industry by helping clients achieve a total loss of over 75,000 lbs of body fat by 2020.

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Why Join Our Team?

Fit Code is an ideal place for passionate, intelligent, hard working, good-hearted, and positive people. If you love helping others, getting things done, and winning, you’d be a great fit on our team!

People we want:

  • naturally empathize with others
  • can grow with us
  • don’t embrace every new fad in the fitness industry

Who shouldn’t apply to work at Fit Code?

  • People who aren’t adaptable to change
  • Know it alls
  • Complainers and gossipers

What makes Fit Code a unique workplace?

Fit Code isn’t your typical fitness company. We LOVE our clients. We know that fantastic service includes a high level of coaching in a safe environment and a welcoming atmosphere that allows for personalized conversations with every client in our Fit Code family.

We are insanely passionate about our clients’ success and delivering the results they seek. We work in a team-based environment and are constantly looking for new ways to delight our clients.

We love a good challenge. If you do, too, then Fit Code may be the perfect workplace for you. Everything we do to help our clients is done with the intent to knock their socks off.

Why this job does a body good

Very few jobs have the ability to effect as much change on a person’s life as a fitness coach does. We help people lose weight and improve their overall health. But we also have positive effects elsewhere–improving relationships, job performance, quality of life, sleep, and so much more.

We have the ability to exert a tremendously positive influence in the lives of our clients, and that benefit can trickle down to improve society as a whole.


Are you a workout enthusiast who is great at motivating others? Our coaches inspire individual transformations through daily training classes, nutrition counseling, and more. 

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Client Care Specialist

We are looking for outgoing people who are tech savvy and awesome at managing details to join our client care specialist team!

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You are the first face our clients see when they walk into the gym, and the last one they see when they leave. If you are friendly, organized, and helpful, you could make a fantastic Fit Code receptionist. 

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