Finally you have found the fat loss solution that you have been waiting for!
Fit Code is the body fat burning and muscle toning bootcamp that will make you healthier, stronger, and improve your self esteem all without the long boring hours in a fitness gym!

If you are tired of staring in the mirror at unwanted body fat on your arms, butt and stomach while your clothes of old sit in the closet collecting dust because they no longer fit, then this may be the most important page you will ever read!


What makes Fit Code Boot Camps so unique?
We are the premier boot camp in the south suburbs of Chicago for your fat loss goals.
You WILL burn more fat and take more inches off your thighs, hips, waist, and arms than ever before…reducing body fat by 3%-5% and decreasing midsection by at least 1-3 inches.
You WILL drop at least 1-2 sizes and lose at least 10-25 pounds.
You WILL double your energy…improve your posture…sleep MUCH better.
You WILL make new, supportive friends.
You WILL increase your endurance and strength substantially…at least 25%…and increase your confidence 100%.
You WILL have FUN.
You WILL look and feel fantastic.
All at a fraction of the cost of personal training services!


Here are some of the benefits of joining today:

  • Utilization of a revolutionary interval training system that burns 9x more fat than ordinary exercise
  • Complete Fitness Assessment Every 30-Days
  • 8-12 Fat-Blaster Camp Sessions per Month
  • Weekly Email Coaching to keep you focused and “on the wagon”
  • Initial and Follow up Body Composition Analysis
  • Peer Support, Motivation, and Accountability
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee


Each camp is 45 intense minutes of fat burning cardio drills, weight training, and core strengthening exercises designed to get you in the best shape of your life and to get you looking great in the mirror.

It doesn’t matter is you have over 50 pounds to lose or just a few; you can be sure that you will get a challenging fat burning workout each and every time.

But there is a catch…

We are looking for those that are finally fed up with where they are at and are ready to make the changes needed to look and feel their best.

We are only accepting those into our program that are committed to success!

If this is you, then we will accept you into our exclusive club of campers.
Start your FREE 2 week trial today by calling 708-824-8415, or registering below.


BONUS #1 (value $60) Done for you Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Meal Plan. This meal plan is designed to blast belly fat and boost metabolism without starvation diets or pre-packaged meals. You’ll know exactly what to eat for all of your daily meals and what supplements to take to maximize your results.
BONUS #2 (Value $47) Supermarket Tour-Not only will we provide you with a meal plan designed to blast away belly fat, but our nutrition coach will lead you on a supermarket tour and tell you EXACTLY what to and not to buy to achieve your goals as well as tips and secrets so you will NEVER be bamboozled by deceptive food manufacturers again.
BONUS #3 (Value $20) Interval Training Program – Done for you “Dream Body” high intensity interval training program, that will help you burn 9x more body fat than traditional steady state cardio. This done for you interval training program is designed to maximize your results on your off days with minimal time commitment.
BONUS #4 (Value $14) Interactive “Member’s Only Forum” – This Fit Code forum is designed to provide you with the necessary support and accountability from our Fit Code family of campers and trainers.
BONUS #5 Weekly Nutrition and Motivational Coaching – Receive weekly nutritional and motivational coaching that will help keep you focused and on track as you reach your fitness goals.


Look, if you’re even remotely interested in losing fat, toning and shaping your problem area, and finally getting back into your skinny jeans or nice power suit, then this is the program for you.

While I have given you every reason to start today, and even extended you a try before you buy offer, I understand that you may still want to put it off a little longer… maybe you want to think about getting in shape some more.

So I’d like to leave you with these words from author Joel A. Barker…

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel A. Barker

Would you agree with Joel A. Barker?

We will help you create the vision for your new body and provide you with the plan to get you there; you just have to take action and register today!

Procrastination and indecision have cost you more money, more time, and more effort than anything else. So don’t fall into the trap of tomorrow by leaving your dreams of a healthy, toned, tight body for another day.

So start your FREE 2 week trial today by calling 708-824-8415, or registering below.
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