Kick Stress in the Butt! Part 1

Stress isn’t a bad thing as most people think it is.  It does have the benefit of allowing us to move into a peak performance zone for some of the tasks that we do.

The problem though is that too much stress wreaks havoc on your body.  It can shut down your brain, decrease your bodies ability to digest food, slow your metabolism, affect blood sugar levels, reduce willpower, especially to avoid fattening foods, and much more.

So if we can learn to manage our stress it can help with our overall transformation process.  If we don’t it significantly hinders it.

Check out this story below to see how stress may affect you.


Your Department Store Experience

Jordache Lean Jeans are HOT!

You go into a department store to purchase some Jeans for the Lean Jeans competition that you are dead set to get in.  You see some Jordache jeans that you want (yes you are stuck in the past!).  You try them on and they are perfect for what you  want to fit in to in the next six weeks.

You are ready to checkout and you notice these three kids and their dad.  The kids are just as rowdy as can be.  Running around, bumping into things and almost using the store as their mini playground.  This of course is making you mad because for one you are ready to get out of there to get home to watch the latest American Idol show and they are delaying the checkout process.  You are also wondering what kind of parent allows their kid to just run free without getting them under control.

Slowly yoRowdy Kidu feel yourself getting more and more upset and more and more impatient and you are about to say something, but they have just finished checking out and are on their way.  With the kids still acting crazy and mischievous.

When you get to the register ready to tell the clerk “Can you believe the nerve of that guy to allow his kids to run around this store like that?”

Before you get a chance to spit it out though the clerk apologizes you and says.  “Sir, I am sorry for that gentleman and his two little boys.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

The clerk goes on to say: “The father was just telling me how they came from their his wife and their Mother’s funeral where she died from cancer a few days before.  She was in hospice for a couple of weeks prior to that, and they prior to that  and it was sad just watching her slowly pass away. ”

The Father told the clerk: “Today is the first time in several weeks that I have seen my kids actually laugh, play and have fun after such a long, trying ordeal.  I know that they are being rowdy, but they are enjoying themselves and there is nothing that I will do to take that enjoyment from them.  I really just want my kids to continue to be happy and play and enjoy themselves.  It has been a really tough six month for all of us.”

My question to you is how does that make you feel?  Did you jump to a conclusion based on limited information?  I know I did when I first heard this story years ago and I felt like a jerk.  It was then that I decided that I would do my best (although I sometimes fail) to try and see that there is more to the story than is in front of my eyes.

The same goes when someone is telling “their side of the story” about their encounter with someone else.  I try and understand that they are seeing things through their eyes and only giving their version of the story.  And maybe before I go and confront this person or get upset I should try and speak with them or understand that there is often more to it then what is being told.

When I am able to do this successfully, it does help alleviate some of my stress so I don’t go flying off the handle at someone.  I hope keeping this story in mind will allow you to try and look at all sides of a story and not jump to conclusions.  That will then allow you to control your emotions and subsequently your stress.


Question:  Have you had an experience in the past similar to the one mentioned above?  If so, please share in the comments below…



Staff Transformation Contest Workouts!


Staff Transformation Update:


Well we are almost to the halfway point of the staff transformation contest and there have been some successes and some struggles along the way.  I know I personally have had my share of setbacks, but I am determined to reach my goals and I know our team is also.

We have decided to share some of our workouts during this challenge so you can see what we are doing and maybe incorporate some things into what you are doing.

Check out what we are doing and give us your comments on our workouts and whose workout do you think will generate the best results…


Derreck Baker’s workout

Friday Basic Workout Muscle Group Based  <Lower body, Biceps, Core Strengthen, Triceps, Shoulders.

Saturday Off Day Resting

Sunday Flag Football Game  and Basketball Game Rec League Cardio

Monday; Cardio Sprints, and Jump Training Box Jumps Split Jumps Tuck Jumps……

Tuesday Jungle Gym Circuit, 7 excerises full body target with 4 sets of 10 Circuit Based

Wednesday: Bootcamp 15 30 45 60 60 45 30 15


Toni Odeneal’s workout


3  Days a week:

•5 Burpees

•10 Pop up squats

•15 Pushups

•20 Walking lunges

•25 High knees

•30 sec. Plank

•35 Reverse curl crunches

•40 Running butt kicks

•45 Front kicks

•50 in/outs


4 Days a week, early morning cardio (either/or):

•Run on Treadmill (2-5 miles)

•Ride on Spin Bike (10-15 miles)


1 Day a week:


•Hot Yoga w/weights



Shelton Matsey’s workout


My workouts are 5-6 days/week and they include a dynamic warm up, foam rolling and a cool down stretching.  Here are 2 of the 6 day sequence that I am currently on.

Portion of Shelton’s workout….


Example day 1 – Strength/power day

1A) Barbell Snatch 5 x 5
1B) Hanging Leg Raises 5 x 8-15
2A) Barbell Floor Press 5 x 5
2B) DB Renegade Rows 5 x 6/ arm3A) Barbel Straight Leg Deadlift 4 x 12
3B) Full Burpee with box jump 4 x 10
3C) Feet Elevated Plank Hold x 30-60 secs

Example Day 2 – High Intensity Interval Training Day

1A) 10 sec sprint @ 80 % max speed x 18

2A) Core Circuit x 3 rounds
a) Plank Knee Tucks x 15 / side
b) Side Plank w/ Knee Tuck x 12 / side

c) Reverse Planks


Jamie Candos example workout -

1) Ice skaters (45 secs)

2)Weighted sumo squats (15 reps)

3)Drop squats

4) Inward box jumps (15 reps)-straddle box and jump onto center, then back down.

5)sliding squats (45 secs) – Jump squat, but you jump from side to side

I will do this circuit 3-5x,


Maria Belmontez and Maria Torres are currently using our large group personal training (Bootcamp) sessions for their main workouts.  Below are two workouts that we are doing this phase.


10-20-30-30-20-10 workout


TRX Reverse Grip Row


RFE Split Squats


RB lunge to chest fly


Bear Crawls


Box Jump to squat


  30 Second Succession Ladder





 DB swings, single arm switch at the halfway


DB single arm high pull,


DB Plank Passes


DB side lunges


DB single arm squat press


Superstar jumps


DB russian twist


DB cross body choppers



Leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the workouts and whose workouts will yield the best results!  And please share on Facebook with your friends because sharing is caring!


The 5 Why’s can help with the What and How!

The 5 Why’s is something that was originally used by the Toyota Corporation to figure out the root cause of a problem.  They understood that just fixing the problem wouldn’t work, but instead you had to find out why the problem existed in the first place so that the problem doesn’t appear again.

I first learned about this approach in my corporate world job when learning Six Sigma principles.  Little did I know it would carry over to my life as a Fitness Coach.

How the 5 Why’s impact your motivation:

The 5 Why’s are important to help you clarify your goals and to keep you on track during your health and fitness journey.  If you take the time to develop a good Why then you can use the end result to really understand your true motivations for starting any program.

Most of the time we establish our goals for ourselves, but they are typically something like I want to be a size 6 or I want to be 20% bodyfat.  Goals are great and needed, but your why is it important for you to be a size 6?  What will that get you?  Once you understand that you can better stay motivated to stay on track.

As a matter of fact studies show that when you are tempted to say eat a piece of cake it can be hard to get the willpower to stay away from it.  If instead you have figured out your why then you can recall what your why is when your motivation starts to go down.

Now imagine recalling your why when you are out with friends and they have some cake.  You know you have your goal of getting into your jeans by your vacation in June and having that cake may derail you.  Just thinking of the goal may not be enough motivation to keep you away from the cake.  Instead if you think about your “WHY” then your odds of staying away increase significantly if you have a good why.

Here a why from a past client that wanted to get into her favorite pair of jeans.  She started with her very general goal and worked here way down by continually asking why she wanted the “goal” that she stated in the previous step.

I want to lose fat.

Why do I want to lose fat?

Because I want to fit into a smaller size of jeans.

  1. But why do I want to fit into a smaller size of jeans?
    Because when I’m wearing smaller jeans, I think I’ll look better
  1. But why do I want to look better?
    Because when I look good, I feel good about myself.
  1. But why do I want to feel good about myself?
    Because when I feel good about myself, I’m more assertive and confident.
  1. But why do I want to be more assertive and confident.
    Because when I’m more assertive and confident, I’m in control and better able to get what I want out of life.

As you can tell here, this client superficially wanted to get into those jeans and burn fat, but deep down she wanted more control out of her life.  From a motivational standpoint the latter is much more powerful than the former and will help keep her motivated and on track much more than just trying to fit into a pair of her favorite jeans.


Fit Code Staff Why’s

Here our Fit Code team has out lined their WHY’s for wanting to be in the Staff transformation contest.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out our before pics and stats you can do so by clicking here.


Maria Belmontez

Why do I want to accomplish this?

I want to accomplish this because it’s a choice I’m making for my health.


But why do I want these results?
I enjoy the way my whole being feels when I’m working on my goals. I feel good physically.


But why do I want to feel good physically?

I want to feel better because then I’m more able to accept that I also look better carrying around that sense of accomplishment.


But why do I want this sense of accomplishment?

I want this sense of accomplishment because I’ve worked for it and should be able to carry it around every day in everything I do and be a testament to myself of what I can do and how far I can go.


But why do I want to be my own testament to my own accomplishments?

I have to prove my strengths to myself more than anyone… it’s my own opinion and belief in myself that I have to be concerned with and if I don’t believe in myself – I can’t expect anyone to believe that I believe in myself


Toni “Fit Chyk” Odeneal

Why are you doing this staff transformation contest?

Because I love a challenge and it helps to keep me motivated.


Why do I love the challenge?

Because I am a competitive person by nature.


Why am I a competitive person?

Because I have always been an athlete and my goal is always to WIN.


Why do I always want to win?

Because I feel accomplished when I win.


Why do I feel accomplished when I win?

Because the goal that I set has been met.


Derreck Baker

Why do you want to lose fat

Because I want to look better Physically in my body 


Why do you want to look better physically

Because If I look better Physically I will Fell Better and healthier 


Why do you want to feel better and healthier

Because When I look Better and Healthier I will have a greater motivation on people 


Why do you want to have a greater motivation on People

Because If I have a better motivation on People I am changing Lives for the Better 


Why do I want to Better Lives

Because With Bettering lives my job is done correctly and I enjoying in Changing lives  


Ann Davis

I want to be in the best shape

I want to be in the best shape so that I have feel good about myself

I want to feel good about myself so I am more confident with my appearance

If I am confident in myself I will do more things

The more things I do, then I can live my life to the fullest with no regrets.


Erin “Twinkle Toes” Dubich

I am doing the transformation contest because I want to be held accountable publicly.

Why do you want to be held accountable publicly?

Because I want it to be known that I can follow the same nutrition guidelines and fitness advice that I tell others to do.

Why do you want people to know that you follow the same advice you give?

Because I want to have credibility.

Why do you want to have credibility?

Because credibility demonstrates integrity, transparency and trustworthiness.

Why do you want to be known for these qualities of integrity, transparency and trustworthiness?

Because these markers of character are some of my core values as a person and a health care professional.


Shelton “Winning” Matsey

I want to be at 9.9% BF or lower by the end of the competition

Why do I want to be lower than 9.9% BF by the end of the competition

I want to be lower than 9.9% BF because I feel the most comfortable with myself when I am that lean.

Why is it important to feel comfortable with myself

It is important for me to feel comfortable with myself because I set the example for our clients.

Why is important to set the example for our clients

When I set the example for our clients then they are better able to get results

Why is it important for you to help your clients get results

When I help my clients get the best results then it make everyone happy.  They are happy because they feel better about themselves and I then feel like I have helped them accomplish something important in their lives and as a result I am happier!

Maria Torres

To Reduce bodyfat by 2% and increase muscle tone

So that I can feel and look better

When I feel and look better I continue to lead a healthy lifestyle

When I lead a healthy lifestyle I lead by example for my family

I can then live a long, healthy and happy live with my family



Fit Code Staff Transformation Contest


Last week the Fit Code team decided to do a inside team transformation contest.  I am excited that our entire team decided to take part in this.  Especially considering how personal and revealing this can be.  It isn’t easy posting pics of yourself on the internet.

There is a lot that we want to accomplish with this transformation contest:

  • We all have our own personal goals and are starting at completely different stages, so maybe there is someone that you can relate to
  • We have the same problems, setbacks and issues that you have and we hope that you can learn from them
  • We want to be transparent about what is working for us and what isn’t
  • There is no set plan for success for each team member.  They will attack their results in the manner they see best fit for themselves
  • We hope to open a great dialogue and show that we are human too and not just robots
  • We hope that we inspire you to achieve your best self along the way

At the end we will have you vote for the winner…….

Check out our before pics, stats and goals, why, etc, below!  Then leave a comment about what you think about this contest and who you think the ultimate victor will be.

*Note: Omron Bodyfat is the electrical impedance hand held tester and the Hydrostatic is the underwater measurement of bodyfat (the accurate measure).




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